Malassezia Brief History-Sample Photos

15 Aug
                                         ( June 11 )
                  Malassezia Yeast: Brief History and Photos
                                 Note Pad

“Through the Maze of  Lice, Scabies, Morgellons,  Demodex …”
For the past Eighteen months i have been trying both to combat
as well as Identify what initially was thought to be Head Lice.
When different head lice treatments did not produce a result
and the creature moved from the Hair to the Shoulders, Back, Chest,
Legs, Buttocks as well as Genital areas, i started a frantic researching
about Body Lice, Crab Lice, Bed Bugs and eventually Scabies.
After several Scabies treatments failed as well, search brought me 
to a Morgellon’s website and from link to link and forum to forum 
-and links inside pages,  i also came across the Demodex
and a variation of other Follicular ailments.
I also researched other possibilities such as Eczema, Chicken Pox, Shingles,
Herpes and in the end even Syphilis -due to a previous marriage to a world traveller
with a private past- as well as extended research into Fungal and Candida Infections
but found it difficult to confirm whatever alternately suspected.
While gathering information and personal observation of the bizarre behaviour
of my tormentor i was not sure whether i was getting any closer to anything
or further away or whether i had a combination of several organisms
due to a weak immune system and a decade long of antibiotic treatment
due to a Serious Lung Illness -Atypical TB- for which i now seem to be paying the price.
Ironically my Lungs seem to be as steady as could be, giving no much trouble.
Leaning at the time more on the idea that it was either Scabies or Demodex 
gone crazy on my body and having learned about Ivermectin being effective 
on both cases, in one as a single treatment and the other in conjunction 
with some antibiotic or external Permethrin treatment
i headed for my local GP where to my dismay i found out
that Ivermectin was not prescribed for Scabies,
and additionally required Government authorisation etc.
I had taken with me a sample with some suspicious substance
collected from my ear on a cotton bud hoping it may contain the creature
but when i went back for the result the Lab had Not produced a proper report
because the specimen “had not been presented in a proper container.”
Still there was a result that there was nothing air born or nothing grew etc.
The second Doctor together with instructions on how to use Sellotape
to catch the creature and a New Form to take to the Laboratory 
suggested a General Blood test, and or for Syphilis etc. 
which i did not believe that were relevant to the creature
due to its Very Characteristic Behaviour and i was getting
rather indignant as well as impatient 
while the creature was Digging Painful Burning Holes in my Body
and matting my Hair making it impossible to comb through
so i asked to see a Specialist in order to pursue “targeted” approach
and “direct” treatment to the problem.
Returning home and checking the notes of the reference to the specialist
i discover to my utter dismay the Doc had described my condition
                            as “Pimply Rash“….!!! …
                          I was totally devastated!
I wanted to think it was a mix up description of my husband’s diagnosis 
      but Effectively this had Resolutely Torpedoed any Chance
                 of a Specialist taking My case Seriously.
(Must note here many of my home remedies had kept scarring to a minimum)
So, i reinforced my efforts to do it alone and while pondering on the Lab form
and specimen and whether it would be worth to proceed with either,
i started collecting some gritty white granules that were deposited 
by the creature on my skin, producing some itching,
as well as some similar oily blobs like dried pus from a pimple,
the size of 1/3 approx of a pin head.  I thought they might be eggs.
I placed them in a cellophane envelope while trying to decide
whether it would be worth sending them to the Lab
and after near three weeks thinking that after near three weeks
all would be dead by now, i was just about to throw them out
when i noticed that some had Visibly and Unmistakably
Changed both Colour and Size!… (photo 1)
This, as well as wanting to see the invisible invader
and prompted by my husband to buy our first electronic microscope
so that if /when decided to see a specialist again
we would have photos and a comprehensive but complete medical history
instead of a vague, trivial …”pimply rash”…
The experience with the Microscope was quite enlightening
as well as  confusing because with the electronic one all was moving!…
There is a lot of light reflection and hard to tell if what we were seeing                                       was anything or not and if so… then What???   
What was very clear though was the augmentation of the grit / blob collection
and the detail and extend of the lesions even those not easy to see with naked eye
of which i could only experience the pain, burning or itch.
Below is the first sample of a grit/blob collected either from my back or finger nails
the photo taken by the Digital Microscope approximately 3 months after the
initial discovery of their augmentation.
I kept collecting more samples and new photos were taken near 8 months later
with a new Biological Microscope we purchased while progressively learning
to use and interpret what we were seeing.
The Digital Microscope magnification of these photos is not easy to tell because
the capacity is up to 400x but there is only a very small spot /space 
where the focus is clear, so small that it requires only fractional  rotation of the dial.
I believe it was somewhere around the 200x.

Malasezia grit particle division 1MB

 To the Naked Eye, this Divided particle looked like One Single Unit.
I have often rubbed some with my fingers and they crumble into multiple dust like bits.
Even though three months later the augmentation was clearly visible to the naked eye
                               it still looked like One particle.
                                             Sample 1

Malassezia  Hyphae Nodules1 MB

      Sample 1 of a gritty / blob collected either from my back or finger nails.

       Viewed approx 8 months later with a Biological Microscope

       Magnification 200 x -info may not be accurate – we are amateurs.
                     (Photo taken by iPod phone camera.)


                                    Sample 2

Malassezia  Hyphae with Nodules2 MB

    Sample 2 of a gritty / blob collected either from my back or finger nails.
         Viewed approx 8 months later with a Biological Microscope
     Magnification 400 x -info may not be accurate – we are amateurs.
         (Photo taken by iPod phone camera.)
                                    Sample 3

Malassezia developing Hyphae2MB

New Sample of a gritty / blob collected only a few days back
Viewed with Biological microscope – photo taken by iPod phone.

Photo not very clear but the Microscope image of elongated


is displaying the 

same Filament and Segment /Nodules as the old samples above.


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