Malassezia: Lethal Strategies-of the Past (1)

16 Jul
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      Malassezia Yeast and Lethal Strategies – of the Past (1)

Malassezia Lethal treatment 1

           “Tragically Hilarious or Highly Embarrassing ?”


 While i was completing an entry i suddenly remembered some desperate strategies
i had implemented some time back when Malassezia was Coursing my body 24/7
literally from Top to Toe and had No idea yet what it was.
I may have mentioned some minor details before but never the full extend
as at times i thought them hilarious and at times embarrassing.
Nevertheless, there is still some informative value so i will reveal it all briefly here:
                            Malassezia Strategy – Method 1:
                                            Arctic Effect
              (Winter 2010:   5-8 Degrees Celsius during Night time)

Malassezia Cold treatment1 MB

                                          The Plan:
* Wear just a skimpy, sleeveless singlet and pantie
* Cover my body only with a light cotton summer single Sheet
* Open sliding door and window beside me
* Place a Fan directly opposite on High, blasting me with Icy Cold night air
Successfully ending up like a Frozen Popsicle in the morning
taking time for my bones to thaw but NO Damn Effect on Malassezia!…
(Use of Fan and opening doors at night had also served other reasons
mentioned already in some earlier entries from where i got the idea
for this master plan above.)
                         Malassezia Strategy – Method 2:
                 High Heat Application on Afflicted areas
                             Malassezia - Heat Treatment1 MB
Directing and applying as much heat to certain areas to near Burning point
in the hope it might destroy the offending creature or render it unable to multiply.
                                          The Plan:
* Use Hair Drier on High Heat as close to afflicted area
   and for as long as i can possibly stand it without injuries:
On Head / Scalp
Near as close as possible to delicate Private areas
Anywhere a crawling sensation was felt
This did not seem to work well enough so i bought a Fan Heater
and …repeated the action in All areas but the head.
Terrible mistake -both tools- not only with consequences to my Lung 
 -bleeding due to extreme temperatures sensitivity on either side of the scale-
but also in heating up and inflaming the afflicted areas and thus attracting
more of the creature –and that’s how i noticed and learned its attraction
for inflamed / blood supplying areas.
                             Malassezia Strategy – Method 3:
                           Intentional Perspiration Drenching
                                      Malassezia Perspiration 1 MB
                                             The Plan
* Leave only a small opening in the window to avoid any evening breezes
  cooling the room and preserving as much of the day’s heat of 32 -35 C etc.
* Turning the Electric Blanket On, on High, two hours before going to bed
   and leaving it On All Night
* Wearing Long Flannelette winter pyjamas and long sleeve singlet underneath
   plus a Woollen Beanie on the head (quite a sight to behold!)
* Covering my Body with a Quilt plus two summery Blankets
  and Roasting in a Drenching Hell for as many hours as possible
  without allowing myself to get up and change clothing  until morning
  or when i could not hold my bladder any longer.
Dangerous and extremely uncomfortable for obtaining the benefit
of only two hours peace and quiet in the morning.
Dangerous due to excessive fluid and mineral loss – but have always banked
on my richly nutritious and highly hydrating diet to replenish it back quick
provided i survived the night – Lol! … not funny actually… 
Eventually i gave it up – too much trouble and inconvenience plus extra wash loads
only to have the traffic starting all over again after a false resemblance of success
–due to the temporary extreme quietness and an exhilarating sense of hope
followed by the yet another let down feeling.
It only happens naturally now due to the Atypical TB sweats
and this helps clear some GSL off my skin
onto clothing immediately discarded.
         The True Positives that came out of this experiment were:
1) A lot of GS Layer was washed off on the clothing and bed sheets instead of my skin
    significantly reducing the quantities and effects of Malassezia developments
2) Gave me the idea of another lethal experiment which was successful
    but i paid dearly for the benefit
3) Gave me the most important idea, that since implemented has caused
    the significant turnaround, in reduction, and gaining control on the outer body areas.
                  It took a long time before my brain finally registered
                           the most Important Fundamental Fact 
                             of a Frequently Repeated Pattern,
                       Observed but stubbornly refusing to accept
                              until its Clarity and Repetition
               Struck louder and beyond contrary wish or resistance:
                   Production of Malassezia is Internal 
                               Only Part of the Cycle
                     And Manifestation of Symptoms
                    Take place Outside On the Body
                      Thus Any External Treatments
                    Provide only a Temporary Effect!
* * * * * *
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