Malassezia: Great Defenders to the Rescue

24 Jun
                                                      (NOV 12)
               Malassezia Yeast and Great Defenders to the Rescue

Malassezia Defenders to the Rescue

                                    What Works, Where and How

Seawater –YAM – Acidophilus Capsules and Yoghurt

It has Been Over Nine Full Months so far since i started applying
the Seawater Treatment immediately after each thorough wash with warm water
– to prevent any sticky grayish layer in the external Private areas.
Since then the entire Pubic and Buttocks area have been 
                            Perfectly Clear
despite regular traffic of Malassezia in and out of the area during day and night.
Additionally the daily consumption for a few months now of Fat Free Yoghurt *
has Significantly Reduced the Malassezia ‘Return’ route to the internal Anal area.
The traffic out is still near as frequent… confirming my theory based on
on-going Observations, that Malassezia is created internally
in both Vagina /Uterus and Anal / Intestinal Canal, areas.
To fortify the effect i have re-commenced insertion
of Acidophilus Capsules in Both Vagina and Anal areas.
A great recent addition since middle August12 with magnificent results
has been the treatment of external areas with YAM Mix.
It works similarly to Seawater with the extra Benefit
of Acidophilus Friendly Bacteria and an excellent protection to the skin.
I cannot tell with absolute certainty at this point but something appears
to have changed gradually because in the recent months i have been detecting
Steadily Increased Resistance  to Lesion and Paper Cut Scratch forming 
in several Extended areas that were previously Vulnerable Constant trouble spots 
even though at the moment i do not even treat them with Seawater.
So these areas are a marvel as they are not protected by anything applied
on them anymore and yet i have had No Lesions for nearly Nine Months now
corresponding with the Start of Seawater treatment 
and the Introduction  of the Daily Yoghurt Consumption
as wells as increase of Vitamins.
These areas are: Lower Back, Arms and Legs (above and below the knee.)
Breasts and the Underneath, Belly and Décolleté, 
and this is a hopeful sign to me that something good is developing even if slowly.
And as Stated above
To fortify the effect i have re-commenced the insertion of Acidophilus Capsules
in Both Vagina and Anal areas.
A recent addition since middle August 12 with magnificent results
has been the treatment of external areas with YAM Mix.
It works similarly to the Seawater with the plus Benefit
of Acidophilus Friendly Bacteria and an excellent protection to the skin.
   The particular type of Yoghurt that has produced the strong positive result
      is just Plain, No Additives, No Fat, and Contains a High amount of ABC
      Acidophilus Bacteria. Many types of yoghurt are created for taste and are
      loaded with sugars, jams, juice concentrates, colours,
      and insignificant amount of ABC friendly bacteria,
      therefore i would not expect from such anywhere near 
      the same good results, if not even negative
      due to the sugary additions that may help proliferate Malassezia.
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