Malassezia – Demodex Photo Comparison

22 Jun
                                             ( OCT 12 )
             Malassezia Yeast – Demodex Photo Comparison 

 Demodex 1 MB

                        “ Many Confusing Similarities … ”
                                             * * * 


               This Photo was kindly Identified by Ivar Brandt as:

  Demodex 2 MB

        “Sebaceous gland and hair follicle mites (Demodex spp.)”


We had been suspecting so after comparing with Google Images of Demodex
and so did the Gentleman who Originally Identified the Malassezia Yeast photo
but not having viewed a Demodex from that angle as in the photo above
and not being able to tell with absolute certainty, refrained declaring it as such. 
        Appropriate, understandable and Respectfully Professional!

       Below a Comparison of our Sample on the Top Left Corner (1)          

    Demodex 3 MB

                  with Three Google Images, Photos of Demodex.
                   Malassezia Shards or Demodex Cocoons? 

         Demodex 4 MB

                      (Under Biological Microscope)

Demodex 5 MB

                                Cocoon on my man’s Eye Brow                                         
                           (Under Biological Microscope)
              One of my Husband’s Golden Eye Brow Hairs
         with a long Object attached to it and what appear to be
                          several cocoons(?) on to it…
  Demodex 6 MB
       Red Elongated Object attached to an Eyebrow Hair (on its left) 
                            with small creatures attached to it 
            quite similar to the one in the Top Demodex Photo (1 ) 
       Below Comparison of Demodex (1) and Malassezia (2 – 3) Shapes

Demodex Malassezia Shape comparison1 MB

        So what are the creatures  attached to the Eye Brow Hair ( below) ?
         Demodex 6 MB
                       Malassezia Shards or Demodex Cocoons?
   Similar Shapes but there is quite a Distinct Difference between the two:
                            Only Malassezia Develops Hyphae

Malassezia developing Hyphae6 MB

                        Malassezia Stages of Hyphae Development
                   They are also said to be causing similar symptoms.
                                           The Question is


Is this an Established Medical Fact Based on Properly Conducted Tests
Resulting in Diagnosis of Demodex or Malassezia where Both cases
have been found to be displaying the same or very similar symptoms
or just on ‘Collective data’ based on People’s Self Assessments
                           – and Not necessarily Reliable ?
Some Readers have Self-Assessed their condition as Demodex
         others as Malassezia and others as Morgellons
Some Readers have even gone as far as assessing my Own condition 
as Morgellons rather than Malassezia, based on their criteria
even though:
*This condition is not currently recognized as a distinct clinical disorder 
   with established diagnostic criteria 
   that are generally accepted by the medical community…*
Myself initially had  Self–Assessed my Condition as Demodex
prior to following fortunate professional Identification
and eventual verification of specific distinct details as Malassezia.
So, “According to What Base or Whose Assessment”
do we know that Some of symptoms are not caused by Malassezia
ascribed as caused by Demodex or vice versa since both are part
of the Natural Body Flora.
In my Own case i see it that i have enough evidence 
since numerous  samples examined
under both Digital and Biological Microscopes
have produced invariably and abundantly 
Malassezia in both Fungus and Yeast forms
and in different stages of development
compared to only two samples shown above
indicating presence of a couple of lonely Demodex 
that the majority of Symptoms i have been experiencing
are indicative of a proliferate Malassezia 
rather than Demodex – – –  or Morgellons for that matter…
Only the Top Photo sample was mine
and the Only One found with a Demodex
while the rest of the samples came from my husband
which are hard to identify visually as to what they might be.
We had not known at the time to wait and see
if further development would have revealed
springing hyphae or more distinct shaping of Demodex. 
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