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                    All ~Malassezia Blog~ Entries 
                             Were Reviewed
                  Updated, Edited and Enhanced
                          In November 2014
                    A Complete List of Entries
                     In Chronological Order
                             Added below
                    For Readers Convenience
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                         All ~Malassezia Blog~ Entries 
                                37-  Malassezia: Important Things to Know 
                                38-  Malassezia: SeaWater & Yog Great Results 
                                39-  Malassezia Yeast: Before and Now (1) 
                                40-  Malassezia Yeast: ( Before – Now) – How (2) 
                                41-  Malassezia Yeast: Signs of Presence 
                                42-  Malassezia: Care when Symptoms are Mild 
                                43-  What Drove Malassezia through the Roof! 
                                44-  Malassezia: Great Defenders to the Rescue
                                45-  Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment 
                                46-  Malassezia Yeast: Where I Am Now! 
                                47-  Malassezia’s Seven Essential Elements 
                                48-  Malassezia – Demodex Photo Comparison
                                49-  MALASSEZIA – COCONUT OIL ARTICLE 
                                50-  Malassezia Yeast, Morgellons, Demodex or Parasites?
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Important Note to Visitors


                                   Important Note to Visitors

                                                  Note to Visitors 1

     This Site is Updated in as close Chronological Order as possible
                  Presenting the Reader with Information as to :
* How my Story of Malassezia Yeast Fungus has Developed
* Its Complex Nature and Behaviour and what it takes to Control it
* Why Some Treatments seem to appear working, then Failing
* What has been Discovered and Experimented with, along the way
* Illustrate the Progress made to this point
* And Help with Faster Results

Malassezia is not a creature one could treat with a dub of ‘x’ substance at night
and wake up next morning free and happily ever after.
It is Part of Natural Body Flora and Practically Always Present
and Persistent under Favourable Conditions, therefore: 
Understanding the Nature of the Problem is the Key to Successful Control
There is No Redundant Information here, since part of the Purpose of this Site
is to Inform of the different methods and substances that have been used
and Results achieved, whether Successes or Failures,
potentially saving from Unnecessary Inconvenience Pain and Costs involved.
      Please Note:
    All Entries are Interrelated, therefore reading some entries
    in isolation from the rest, may result in misunderstandings 
    and / or raising questions prematurely when the answers

    may already be there.  

    It is therefore Highly Recommended  Reading the Entries

    in their Chronological Order wherever possible


The Story Starts in ~ Malassezia Blog ~

                 * Malassezia Blog * 

   Reviewed, Updated, Edited and Enhanced

                             Nov 2014

 Continues and Unfolds  in ~ Malassezia Daily ~

                      * Malassezia Daily *

                    With Recent Developments, Progress

                         New Discoveries and Photos 

              ~ Malassezia Daily ~

             * ENTRY LINKS 1-100 *    

                                                              About Malassezia


                          ALL SONATAS VISITORS 1
Malassezia Warning

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Malassezia Yeast: How it All Started

                                                        ( June 11 )      

              Malassezia Symptoms 1 MB                                      

                                 Malassezia Yeast: How it All Started.

                          Healing Scalp 1 MB            

                  “The Beginning of an Unravelling Torturous Story…”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                              About Me


                           Hi i am Sonata




I live in the South East Queensland in Australia.


For near ten years my husband and i and our two kids lived in a large
old typical High Set house with our pet dogs and cats one canary bird
and a back yard with a never used barbecue and a set of swings and all.
A small ordinary, rather quiet and happy family.


Then i was diagnosed with a Serious Lung Illness (Atypical TB).
I was given 2 to 5 years maximum and was put on long term antibiotics.


So we sold our home gave our pets for adoption and moved into a new
waterfront apartment so that i could live my dream and enjoy the sea
and started 3k daily swimming laps at the local pool.


Later on we moved again to a different newly built unit
and for the past near nine years i have lived in this type of clean pet free
environment with a 100% Natural Fresh Fruit/ Vegetable Diet, Goat milk,
Nuts and Seeds, supplemented with Daily Vitamins.


After a couple of years my specialists informed me that the antibiotics
were not working and that generally they were not doing me much good.
I was faced with the dilemma to stop and let nature take its course
or keep on taking them to slow the process and see how things go.


The decision came soon after a walk with my younger daughter
who was then a high school student and while not even having a boyfriend
she told me in one of our walks home:
“Mum, i want you to be at my wedding!
I cannot bear the thought that you might not be there…”


While i was considering silently in my head the time of studying medicine doing internship,
finding a boyfriend and if all well wait for him to pop the important question 
and then arrange a wedding  date … etc… etc…
i was surprised to hear ‘her mother’ part of my brain replying:


“Of course sweetheart!.. i promise you from this moment on
i will do all in my power to live and be at your wedding
and i will be there no matter in what condition i am.”
and then the ending part of my talk completed itself silently in my head:
“…and if i am not here as it is most likely… i will still be at your wedding…”
So i continued on with the antibiotics.


Beyond all odds i made it to her beautiful wedding but one month later
my condition deteriorated so much that i almost past away one evening.


When morning arrived and i was still here i decided it was now time
to stop the antibiotics as i had fulfilled my promise and had to give my body
a chance to recover or for events to follow their natural course…


Miraculously i started to recover and recover fast and vigorously,
all bleeding stopped and felt stronger and better than i had ever felt
for a long long time and was able to fortify my diet with additional
nutritional foods that while on antibiotics my body somehow could not tolerate.


All was good and getting better and better until six months later
when suddenly felt like i had somehow caught… Head Lice


I immediately tried to treat them with Natural Home Remedies i m good at that!
but it did not seem to work so i had to try Pharmacy Natural treatments …
but not only it seemed that Nothing worked, additionally the behaviour
did not seem to be typical of Head Lice and after extensive internet research
i found that the behaviour did not match Body Lice either nor Bed Bugs 
(and we had even bought new electric beds and mattresses)
and not Crab Lice either, so i started to reluctantly and with much disbelief at first
but later on feverishly researching the possibility of Scabies
… despite lack of any explanation of how such thing could happen …
Lack of any other knowledge and with symptoms that closely resembled a Scabies  case,
i immediately started Non-Prescription available Pharmacy treatments 
but without any success.


              This was Only the Beginning of an Unravelling Torturous
                                     and Highly Tormenting Story
            Yet with a great Degree of Success Achieved Along the Way
             in Controlling Yeast Presence and Activity as well asPreventing
             Long Lasting Negative Effects and Promoting  Quick Healing
                                                 in Affected areas.
Over many days, weeks, months and now  two years (currently  three and a half),
what followed i have detailed in all my entries together with photos taken 
with two different microscopes and the sincere hope that all this information
may help other sufferers of the same or similar conditions to avoid costly
and painful misconceptions and treatments, while exploring possibly more helpful
and or suited treatments to their individual case needs and symptoms.
      Some of my Initial -crude but very descriptive- previously unpublished
            Diary Entries with raw side of Story were later on presented
                      in the more Recent *Malassezia Daily* Blog

73-  Malassezia: Diary Photos of Innocent Times (PT1) 

74-  Malassezia: Diary Photos of Innocent Times (PT2) 

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                                1 Feb 15

                                       New Site

                                              Now On MQ

                           * Malassezia Health Quest *  



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Malassezia Brief History-Sample Photos

                                         ( June 11 )
                  Malassezia Yeast: Brief History and Photos
                                 Note Pad

“Through the Maze of  Lice, Scabies, Morgellons,  Demodex …”
For the past Eighteen months i have been trying both to combat
as well as Identify what initially was thought to be Head Lice.
When different head lice treatments did not produce a result
and the creature moved from the Hair to the Shoulders, Back, Chest,
Legs, Buttocks as well as Genital areas, i started a frantic researching
about Body Lice, Crab Lice, Bed Bugs and eventually Scabies.
After several Scabies treatments failed as well, search brought me 
to a Morgellon’s website and from link to link and forum to forum 
-and links inside pages,  i also came across the Demodex
and a variation of other Follicular ailments.
I also researched other possibilities such as Eczema, Chicken Pox, Shingles,
Herpes and in the end even Syphilis -due to a previous marriage to a world traveller
with a private past- as well as extended research into Fungal and Candida Infections
but found it difficult to confirm whatever alternately suspected.
While gathering information and personal observation of the bizarre behaviour
of my tormentor i was not sure whether i was getting any closer to anything
or further away or whether i had a combination of several organisms
due to a weak immune system and a decade long of antibiotic treatment
due to a Serious Lung Illness -Atypical TB- for which i now seem to be paying the price.
Ironically my Lungs seem to be as steady as could be, giving no much trouble.
Leaning at the time more on the idea that it was either Scabies or Demodex 
gone crazy on my body and having learned about Ivermectin being effective 
on both cases, in one as a single treatment and the other in conjunction 
with some antibiotic or external Permethrin treatment
i headed for my local GP where to my dismay i found out
that Ivermectin was not prescribed for Scabies,
and additionally required Government authorisation etc.
I had taken with me a sample with some suspicious substance
collected from my ear on a cotton bud hoping it may contain the creature
but when i went back for the result the Lab had Not produced a proper report
because the specimen “had not been presented in a proper container.”
Still there was a result that there was nothing air born or nothing grew etc.
The second Doctor together with instructions on how to use Sellotape
to catch the creature and a New Form to take to the Laboratory 
suggested a General Blood test, and or for Syphilis etc. 
which i did not believe that were relevant to the creature
due to its Very Characteristic Behaviour and i was getting
rather indignant as well as impatient 
while the creature was Digging Painful Burning Holes in my Body
and matting my Hair making it impossible to comb through
so i asked to see a Specialist in order to pursue “targeted” approach
and “direct” treatment to the problem.
Returning home and checking the notes of the reference to the specialist
i discover to my utter dismay the Doc had described my condition
                            as “Pimply Rash“….!!! …
                          I was totally devastated!
I wanted to think it was a mix up description of my husband’s diagnosis 
      but Effectively this had Resolutely Torpedoed any Chance
                 of a Specialist taking My case Seriously.
(Must note here many of my home remedies had kept scarring to a minimum)
So, i reinforced my efforts to do it alone and while pondering on the Lab form
and specimen and whether it would be worth to proceed with either,
i started collecting some gritty white granules that were deposited 
by the creature on my skin, producing some itching,
as well as some similar oily blobs like dried pus from a pimple,
the size of 1/3 approx of a pin head.  I thought they might be eggs.
I placed them in a cellophane envelope while trying to decide
whether it would be worth sending them to the Lab
and after near three weeks thinking that after near three weeks
all would be dead by now, i was just about to throw them out
when i noticed that some had Visibly and Unmistakably
Changed both Colour and Size!… (photo 1)
This, as well as wanting to see the invisible invader
and prompted by my husband to buy our first electronic microscope
so that if /when decided to see a specialist again
we would have photos and a comprehensive but complete medical history
instead of a vague, trivial …”pimply rash”…
The experience with the Microscope was quite enlightening
as well as  confusing because with the electronic one all was moving!…
There is a lot of light reflection and hard to tell if what we were seeing                                       was anything or not and if so… then What???   
What was very clear though was the augmentation of the grit / blob collection
and the detail and extend of the lesions even those not easy to see with naked eye
of which i could only experience the pain, burning or itch.
Below is the first sample of a grit/blob collected either from my back or finger nails
the photo taken by the Digital Microscope approximately 3 months after the
initial discovery of their augmentation.
I kept collecting more samples and new photos were taken near 8 months later
with a new Biological Microscope we purchased while progressively learning
to use and interpret what we were seeing.
The Digital Microscope magnification of these photos is not easy to tell because
the capacity is up to 400x but there is only a very small spot /space 
where the focus is clear, so small that it requires only fractional  rotation of the dial.
I believe it was somewhere around the 200x.

Malasezia grit particle division 1MB

 To the Naked Eye, this Divided particle looked like One Single Unit.
I have often rubbed some with my fingers and they crumble into multiple dust like bits.
Even though three months later the augmentation was clearly visible to the naked eye
                               it still looked like One particle.
                                             Sample 1

Malassezia  Hyphae Nodules1 MB

      Sample 1 of a gritty / blob collected either from my back or finger nails.

       Viewed approx 8 months later with a Biological Microscope

       Magnification 200 x -info may not be accurate – we are amateurs.
                     (Photo taken by iPod phone camera.)


                                    Sample 2

Malassezia  Hyphae with Nodules2 MB

    Sample 2 of a gritty / blob collected either from my back or finger nails.
         Viewed approx 8 months later with a Biological Microscope
     Magnification 400 x -info may not be accurate – we are amateurs.
         (Photo taken by iPod phone camera.)
                                    Sample 3

Malassezia developing Hyphae2MB

New Sample of a gritty / blob collected only a few days back
Viewed with Biological microscope – photo taken by iPod phone.

Photo not very clear but the Microscope image of elongated


is displaying the 

same Filament and Segment /Nodules as the old samples above.


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Malassezia Blog WP

     Malassezia Blog *   

Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

      Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


 Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


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Malassezia under Biological Microscope

      ( June 11 )
            Malassezia Yeast:  Samples ~ Viewed Under Biological Microscope
                                              Our Trinocular Biological Microscope
                         Microscope 1 MB


                                                “A Great Eye Opener!”

                       ( Viewed from the Top while adjusting magnification )


                                                  Our Own Samples

                               Malassezia Yeast: Sample 1-2

            Malassezia developing Hyphae1 MB

                      Malassezia Yeast shards Developing Hyphae/ Filaments
                                   Malassezia Yeast Sample 2-3

Malassezia  Hyphae with Nodules1 MB

                  Characteristic Nodules / Segments on Hyphae / Filament 

                                               Sample 4
        Malassezia Yeast : White Crystalline shard – like Dandruff

            Malassezia  Gritty Shard under Microscope1 MB

       A white Crystalline shard visible to the eye – the size of a grain of sand-
       usually deposited on the scalp, eyelashes as well as upper body
                                    then developing into Lesions 


                                                 Sample 5

                     Malassezia Yeast Brownish fatty blob like shard 

                Malassezia  Blob under Microscope1 MB

A brownish looking fatty blob, like shard, similar to the above, also visible to the eye
Usually found semi-glued on the surface of back, shoulders, chest, arms
-perhaps more developed and grease / fat wrapped / filled? at that stage…
At this stage of its development it appears to start to dig into the flesh
        creating Lesions, much like the above Crystalline one *
                 and which appears to be an earlier stage,
                 just before the above Fatty Blob stage. 
Many  Filaments are Bright Red … which may indicate freshly drawn blood ?
                              * Actually it is the Reverse:
              The Semi Fatty stage precedes the Crystalline one.
                  The Freshly drawn Blood guess was correct.
                                           Sample 6
                     Malassezia Yeast in Vaginal Swab

          Malassezia Yeast in Vagina1 MB

                                          Samples 7-8

                                Malassezia Yeast in Stool SamplesMalassezia Hyphae and Spores -Stool1 MB
                           In all samples shown above
   the long Asymmetrical Nodules / Hyphae/Fillaments and Spores
   i.e the so called “Spaghetti and Meatballs” typical of Malassezia Yeast
   are clearly visible under the microscope (magnification 200x – 400x)
   but unfortunately not in the photos taken by poor quality i-pod camera
                  placed on the microscope’s camera viewer.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
           Comparison with Google Images

G1 comparison

1- Malassezia Furfur Yeast (Google images)

G2 comparison

2- Malassezia Furfur Yeast ( Google images )

G3 comparison

3- Malassezia Furfur Yeast (Google images)

G4 comparison

4- Malassezia Furfur Yeast ( Google images )

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Malassezia Blog WP

     Malassezia Blog *   

Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

      Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


 Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 


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Malassezia: Symptoms-Photos-Comments

                                                        ( June 11 )
                         Malassezia Symptoms – Photos and Comments
                                    Malassezia Purple Bumps -Lesions1 MB


                            ~Crawl, Burn, Itch and Scratch All Day…~



Any number, combination and severity of symptoms                                                         may be experienced at different times.

Depending on individuals sensitivity, body’s response
and stage of Malassezia’s development.
* General  Itchy, Prickly, Burning sensation all over the body
* A sudden strong, Acid like, Burning sensation on the skin
* Usually followed by maddening Itching
* Developing within hours into itchy Bumps
* Eventually breaking into Burning caustic Lesions
  (more details below in the comments section)
* Sharp but quick Pin Pricks in different parts of the body including face and toes.
  On Legs or Torso often they result on a Blood Red pin size Circle. (Photo 1)
* Spontaneous appearing usually semicircular Itchy / Burning Scratch Lines (Photo 4)
  on the skin often two or three together, usually on the arms, hands or buttocks.
* A thin, invisible to the eye, but highly Itchy, Burning, Grayish -or Orange Rust like-
  Sticky Substance  on many areas of the skin, becoming visible when rubbed off
  by applying warm water or methylated spirits and gentle repeated rolling/rubbing     
  pressure with the fingers. (Photo 5 – 6)


* Lice or Spider like movement* in the Hair and Scalp resulting in matting,
  hard to untangle   and Burning, Itchy sensation on the Scalp,
  which if given a chance, eventually resulting in painful Bumps
  followed by Itchy Lesions.
(Possibly stage 1 of Malassezia laying a Grayish Sticky Layer GSL,
   as mentioned above for the Gritty Granules that will develop
    onto Scalp Bumps and Lesions.
            ( 2014: GSL is the Malassezia -Biofilm- Carrier ) 
* Small white Gritty Granules, sand like, deposited on Hair, Scalp, (as above)
  as well as Eye Lids/ Lashes, on back, Finger Nails and Toes

  also eventually resulting in Painful Bumps followed by Itchy Lesions. (Photo 2 -3)

* Sudden Intense Shivering, topical or all over the body during mobilization
  in or out of the hair Follicles. May be experienced only topically on the legs or arms
  or all over the body. Usually followed by sensation of feeling sick internally
  i.e. stomach or as if blood has been injected with poison (as it most likely is)
* Dry, Stretched, Prickly, Scaly, Lifeless like feel of alternating areas of skin
  as if affected by corrosive liquid – the effect of the Grayish/Orange Sticky Layer.
  Very Painful and Uncomfortable as the skin ‘ pulls ‘ with every movement.
* Crawling sensation on different parts of the body at different times
  as if one or several creatures are crawling on some areas
  such as Head, Face, Ears, Torso back and front, Buttocks, Legs and Toes
  as well as outer Pubic / Genital / Anal areas.
* Crawling /Slithering sensation In and Out of both Private areas…
   in both men and women.
( Jan 12 )
* Recent discovery also indicates Restless Leg Syndrome
          (more below and in separate dedicated entry)

     Malassezia Photos of Symptoms and Effects

Malassezia  Pin Prick1 MB

1) Malassezia Blood Red Pinhead Size prick circle 

   Malassezia  Lesion on shoulder1 MB

     2)  Malassezia  Lesions on Back / Shoulder 

    Malassezia  Lesions on buttocks1 MB

     Photo 3:  Malassezia  Lesions inside Buttock 

     Photo 4: Malassezia Paper Cut line inside Buttock


Malassezia  Sticky Layer rub-offs1 MB

      5) Malassezia  Grayish Sticky Layer Rub Offs


     Malassezia  Sticky Layer on Clothing1 MB

     6) Malassezia  Grayish Sticky Layer on Clothing

                                                  * * *
Bump localised activity consists of combined small pin prick sensations
  and rolling sand like, spreading outwards to the surface,
  in alternating periods of activity approximately every 20 minutes or so
  and periods of rest.
  The skin surface is gradually damaged as the lesion is developing and the yeast    
  digging in  and spreading, the whole process usually lasting for approximately
  three  to four weeks, then stops and the skin starts to heal
  but with scars left behind, size depending on depth and extend of lesion.
  During the time of inflammation and bleeding it is not unusual
  for more bumps to be created adjacent to the area 
  as more shards are attracted  to ready availability of blood
  and prepared skin area. (Photo 2)
Scratch Lines seem to be the reverse of the Bumps,
  in that they appear suddenly accompanied by intense itch and burning
  – and it is not clear to me so far whether they spring upwards
  from under the skin or dig in from the surface inwards
  by a sudden release of corrosive liquid that ‘eats’ the flesh
  while the bumps burn and itch first and gradually rise from under the skin.
Lice or Spider like movement in the Hair
Several times daily and during the night there is a Spider or Cockroach like
crawling sensation on the Scalp / mainly the  Hair /or hair follicles 
If i raffle my hair immediately for a while it appears as if the creature 
leaves the place  and runs to either my ears, face 
or through the neck down to my back 
During Bath time after a while having lathered the hair with shampoo 
it also feels as if the shampoo ‘froth’ … starts to move away 
from the scalp/hair while there is no water  running 
so i guess it is ” It ” relocating away from the shampooed area.

Small white Gritty granules

  I have collected some and they have developed within three weeks approximately
  and some when looked under the microscope looked like they might be
  or contain what appears to be fungus. (See Brief History and Photos) 
Grayish Sticky Layer GSL
  Usually on my shoulders, buttocks, thighs, shoulders, chest and belly.
  I have to rub it off the skin almost every morning each time from one or two areas.

  (Having a hot bath with soda in seems to help)

                                             OCT 12 : 

       More effective applying Zinc Pyrithione Shamppo “Head & Shoulders”                                   just prior to bath time, then scrub with a Nail Brush                                                                                   (see ‘Before-Now-How’)

                                               Oct 13: 

So i had thought at the time but later on i discovered Soda is No Good at all                                    For  latest Updated Info please visit *Malassezia Daily* 

Crawling / Slithering sensation In and Out of the Private areas
  I believe or rather i know for sure, they live there.
  I have used Combatrin (Bemedazole) for intestinal worms
  and Clotrimazol for Candida  yeast in the vagina and have observed
  -whether they die or just leave- that all gets quiet but only for a couple of days or so.
(21 Jan 12)
*Recently i have indications that it also causes Restless Leg Syndrome
 ( though not all cases as there are other causes for RLS, Malassezia one of them )
  because Malassezia concentrates both in the outer as well as inner Anal ring area
  constantly stimulating the highly sensitive nerve endings
  and this is felt more prominently at night when the person / body is resting
  and all muscles less tense.
The stronger the jerking the more Malassezia concentration in the area.
One or two 2 Ltr warm clean water Enemas, partially clean the area temporarily
and relieve the jerking for a short period of time until more accumulation occurs.
I suspect and have indications -too long to elaborate here- that Restless Leg Syndrome

on the left leg in women is due to concentration in the Vaginal and / or Uterine area

(OCT 12 : where it also lives and is created – see more details in later Entries).

Inserting Acidophilus capsules helps reduce concentration and relieves
leg muscle jerking / spasms as well as Increasing Friendly Bacteria presence.
It deters but does not kill Malassezia as it may do with the Candida types. 
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Malassezia: Characteristics – Behaviour

                                                          ( June 11 )
                                                 Malassezia Yeast
                             Behaviour – Characteristics – Multiplication

                            Malassezia  Paper Cut  Lesion1 MB

                                           “Many Faces – Many Signs” 

Observations of Behaviour and Characteristics over the past eighteen months
Frequent distinct feeling of crawling on the surface of the skin, and indication that the creature lives under the surface of the skin and deep inside the follicles                covered and protected by the thin outer skin membrane  (Photo 1-2)                                       
(Malassezia) Inside Hair Follicles

Malassezia imprgnated Hair Follicles1 MB

                Photo 1: Relatively healthy follicles – Photo 2: Follicles impregnated

Malassezia Hair Follicles2 MB

                 Follicles impregnated with the creature under the layer of skin.
                        Characteristics – Activity – Multiplication


*(At this stage i had no confirmation if i were dealing with Demodex or Malassezia

    and the initial list was based on the belief of possibly two different creatures.

          Now adapted to the Correct one in order not to confuse the reader)
* Moves and rather fast from place to place
* Has an approximate 76 -78 hour- or 3 to 3 ¼ day- cycle
   from perceived initial development – then three complete weeks of activity
   from the formation of Bumps and developing into Lesions.
* Responds to sudden changes of temperature and or any actions
  impacting on the skin, by moving away or under the skin surface
  i.e. hot air from hair drier, touching a cold item from the fridge,
  applying hot /cold water on skin etc
  (this does not apply once it has embedded itself into a bump or open lesion)
* Spreads to different locations on the body
* Mobile at early stage of development but remains Local near maturity
* Appears to Multiply several times a day almost every 20 mins
(OCT 12 :  Observed as itchy burning activity when inside lesions 

                  and as emerging from internal areas – see later Entries)

*Mostly settles Under the Skin but moves briefly on surface while in mobile stage
(OCT 12 :  when it progresses to the next stage of development – see later entries) 
* Symbiotic – non territorial – the more …the merrier…
  Lesions causing inflammation and bleeding attract more in the same area
* Active throughout Day and Night
* Increased activity from 2pm onwards
  felt more intensely during the evening / night, while resting
* Increased activity when i get upset or anxious
 (possibly due to blood /oxygen? circulation variations?)
* Seem to halt activity when i get sick, i.e. a cold, flu, high fever
 or experience severe fluid retention and / or severe migraine
 ( I so appreciate this!…Lol! )
Favourable, Inviting Environment:
ALL Oily, Greasy, Fatty Creams, Lotions, Gels, Oils,
  INCLUDING Natural or Pharmaceutical, Anti-fungals and Antiseptics
* Natural Waxy, Mucus, Fluid body areas such as
  Genital Male / Female areas, Ears, Eyes and Nostrils
* Hair & Hair Follicles, All over Entire Body, especially
  Head, Ears, Nostrils and especially Pubic/Genital areas
* Fingers and Toes – especially Under All Nails
* Creases and Folds of skin and the narrower the more
  such as Cracks or Creases in Heels, Behind Ears, etc


* Blood!!! and Injured or  Inflamed / Wounded skin areas                                          Including -and especially- its own Lesion areas.


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